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 A One-Woman, 
                       Show about:
Mohawk Princess and Poet

Pauline Johnson was born on the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario in 1861. In later life, she moved west to Vancouver where she transcribed the legends of the Squamish First Nation, as told by her "honoured friend" Chief Capilano.

She died of cancer in 1913, aged 51. A memorial stands to her memory in Vancouver's Stanley Park.

Christine Pilgrim portrays the Canadian poet, author, storyteller and performer, in an interactive show that can be adapted to suit all ages and venues.

The audience is invited to participate, particularly when she performs one of Johnson's most popular poems "Pilot of the Plains" which illustrates the folly of racial prejudice.

The daughter of a Mohawk chief and his middle class English wife, Pauline Johnson was dubbed "The Mohawk Princess" by adoring audiences throughout Canada, the U.S. and England. Yet she adopted the name of her great grandfather, Chief Tekahionwake, when she performed her poetry.

"Tekahionwake" means "double life" in Mohawk, an apt description in this case. But, whether known as Emily, Pauline, E. Pauline Johnson, the Mohawk Princess or Tekahionwake, this dramatic poet, author and storyteller is a celebrated player in Canadian history.

Running time and costs for this show are negotiable.

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