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Christine Pilgrim's Pioneer Schoolma'am offers a hands-on glimpse at history, while students learn skills from penmanship to toy-making and discover the reasons behind all those old-fashioned rules.

Pilgrim teaches the:  
  • 3 Rs (Reading, Writing & Arithmetic)
  • 3 Ds (Deportment, Decorum & Discipline)
  • 3 Gs (Geography, Geometry & Grammar)
  • 3 Ss (Spelling, Sums & Singing)

She will convert your classroom to an old-fashioned schoolhouse with props and artifacts: from slates to stilts, quills to steel pens and the Bible to the dunce cap, strap and cane.
Alternatively, she can perform a 45-minute interactive show to the entire school.

Classroom experiences are limited to 30 students and are available in two half day sessions (approx. 2hrs 15mins each) or one full day (recommended).
A week-long in-school workshop is also available, as well as Pro-D presentations.

Costs depend on location and type of presentation. As Christine Pilgrim writes all her own material, presentations can be adapted for all age groups, running times and circumstances.

What students say:  

I learned a lot.

Good acting ...

We liked standing up to talk.

We liked answering in sentences.

We liked the whole thing.

Please come back!

What teachers say:  

Great Pro-D Day!

A fun way to learn Canadian history in an active way.

Very professional...

Thoroughly researched...

Interesting collection of'props'...

My class loved it!

What faculty says:  

Funny - witty - thought provoking - informative...

Reminds us there were reasons for some of those basics.

Maybe some of those practices weren't so bad after all.

It was all wonderful!

What conferences say:  

Sensational! Inspirational!

What the press says:  

She is a living, breathing slice of history and when she walks into a classroom, kids sit up and take notice!
(Kelowna Capital News, Friday, March 2, 2001)

Contact Christine Pilgrim - Actor/Educator/Writer:

E-mail: christinepilgrim@telus.net

Tel/Fax: 604-915-9051

Website: www.christinepilgrim.com