Pioneer Schoolma'am

Emily Carr

Catherine Schubert Gold Rush Pioneer

What Women Wore and Why

Pauline Johnson

Grimble Tells Stories

Mrs. Claus
Santa's wife

Knights of Knonsense

War Songs and Stories

Julia Webster

Historic Sites




Vancouver entertainer/educator/writer, Christine Pilgrim, specializes in history-based theatre. Although her interactive programs primarily target students and teachers, she also hosts and presents shows and tours for the general public.

Her Pioneer Schoolma'am character is a favourite. She imparts skills from penmanship to toy-making, as she explores the reasons behind all those old-fashioned rules and teaches the Three Rs, Three Ds, Three Gs and Three Ss.

Other historical figures she represents include gold-rush pioneer Catherine Schubert, renowned artist Emily Carr and First Nations poet Pauline Johnson.

She also brings history to life with one-woman shows, from What Women Wore and Why (a glimpse of how history dictates women's fashion) to We'll Meet Again - War Songs and Stories (a human perspective on war).

As Christine Pilgrim writes all her own material, she can tailor it to specific needs.

More light-hearted characters include HM Queen Elizabeth II, French Fifi Faux Pas and her much loved English Cockney Sparrow Rosie, along with Mrs (Santa) Claus and Grimble the Storyteller.

Pilgrim also writes freelance reviews, articles and columns for newspapers and magazines. She writes and edits children's stories, frequently works with youth at risk and is TESL trained.

Contact Christine Pilgrim - Actor/Educator/Writer:

E-mail: christinepilgrim@telus.net

Tel/Fax: 604-915-9051

Website: www.christinepilgrim.com